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What we offer

Early Learning Program

The prime focus at Paramount Public School, is to give toddlers the right foundation. A student at our school begins the journey with the Early Learning Programme, laying the foundation for our framework.

The pre primary years are about emphasis on social and physical skill, leading to the development of the total potential of the child.

Children are introduced early to literary, numerical concepts and skills; this encourages them to connect to the world around them, faster.

The Montessori and the Kindergarten programmes are offered at the early childhood level – ages 3 to 6.

Primary Years Program

TAs students move through the Junior School we begin to introduce them progressively to the world of integrated knowledge, while particularly strengthening their aptitude in the core studies of English, Mathematics, General Science and Social Science. The Primary Years cater to students from Grades I to V. The class sizes are restricted to only 25 to 30 students, ensuring individual attention to each child.

The curriculum is broad based with emphasis on the core subjects.

A wide range of classroom activities are used as stimuli for reading and writing. From Grade 1 our students are introduced to the study of computers, appreciating that computer literacy is essential in a modern world. Children also start using the Math Lab from Grade 1, which helps them to sharpen their analytical skills. We also encourage students in the primary school to do various projects in Environmental Science appreciating the history, geography and cultural diversity of our Earth.

Students are engaged in experiential learning through a variety of resources in order to develop the appropriate knowledge and skill levels. Yoga, Taekwondo, Dance and Physical Education are additional curricular offerings for all students.

Students have Physical Training classes to develop their agility and fitness.

Establishing worthwhile work habits, persistence, independence, time management and an appreciation of the value of learning will begin early in the schooling process at Paramount Public school, Banaswadi.

Middle Years Program

Students enter the Middle School in Grade VI.

In Grades VI to VIII, the programme is designed as a State board foundation level programme in which several of the skills stressed in State board are developed early.

Middle School students are ready to tackle deeper and more discreet subjects with an array of specialist teachers. including the challenge of additional languages. The academic programme promotes breadth of study that is invaluable to students as they prepare for Grades IX & X.

These years are also a good time to learn the discipline and skills of preparing for tests and examinations. Students are taught to handle semester portions, to gradually get trained to appear for the Board Examinations in the senior classes.

In the Middle Years programme there are many enrichment activities including outbound trips and exchanges with other reputed schools.

Secondary School Program

Becoming independent learners and setting personal academic goals is an expectation from students as they move through their senior years at school. Going through the rigors of tests and exams endows students at the secondary level with the self-discipline and confidence required to handle more challenging tasks through their senior years. The challenges offered at the secondary school level, builds up self-esteem and confidence in students – qualities that we will reinforce time and again in our student body.

Class IX provides ground for preparation for students to take their first significant board exams in class X, head on. These are the two significant years at the secondary school where they get maximum attention from parents and constant advice from teachers.

The subjects included for these classes are English, / Hindi / Kannada, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. The physical training classes build up stamina and are thoroughly enjoyed by the students.