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Why Paramount Public School, Banaswadi

Co-scholastic & Extra Curricular Activities

At Paramount Public School, academic excellence and co-curricular activities always go hand-in-hand. Keeping in view the personality development of every individual student, the school plans to organize different events through the year.

The school will offer a wide range of activities to develop the students varied interests and talents.

These events are a conglomeration of numerous activities in various spheres such as art, humanities, science and so on.

Events at PPS are professionally planned and managed by our students. The highlight of every event that happens at PPS, is to ensure that leadership qualities, camaraderie spirit and a healthy competition are inculcated.

Co-scholastic activities will be a part of the curriculum and at PPS, we believe that physical education not only builds the students’ concentration levels but also helps improve their team skills.

Students are encouraged to explore and choose from a variety of activities from the areas of music, Dance, art and sports that include football, basketball, cricket, swimming, yoga, Taekwondo and many more.

Apart from the host of activities in the curriculum, the school offers optional Extra Curricular Activities on select days of the week, within school hours –

  • Taekwondo
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Yoga

Art & Craft

The art teacher guides students through a multitude of techniques, while exposing them to various styles of art ranging from modern art, folk art, object study, landscaping and decorative styles. Children are encouraged to express themselves, using different mediums like oil pastels, water colours, pencil shading, etching and many more. Charts and art sheets, which decorate the walls, are a testimony of the intense yet pleasurable learning that takes place within the art room.

‘Skilled are the hands that create….’ PPS helps its students create from paper to fabric to waste items – creativity galore in its craft classes.


Sport facilities, of every sort is what PPS aims at. Catering to various sporting interests of the students, the school offers an outdoor basketball court for lovers of this game. Hoping the upcoming team will soar to great heights. An all favorite game cricket is a part of the school’s sports activities. The school team has already batted in a few accolades. The school has a Competent Physical Education instructor to guide and coach in these games.

Contemporary Dance

Dance is part of the curriculum of grades 1 to 8 PPS. Contemporary dance is definitely one of the options in greater demand among ECAs. Rhythm, grace and expressions are honed in these classes. A trained dance instructor takes the student through different dance forms right from semi-classical to contemporary as part of holistic development.

Life Skills as an Activity

Life Skills is an essential part of a school curriculum and caters to the demands of State board life skill is an important activity which helps to provoke the inbuilt values of each child. It enables the student to effectively face the demands and challenges of tomorrow. Special emphasis is laid on social skills, thinking skills and emotional skills, activities to identify the individual abilities, effective communication skills and develop the skill of empathizing are taught.

An awakening of the thinking skills, right from creative thinking to critical thinking, which paves way for effective problem solving are dealt with. Be it first aid or disaster management activities are designed in the form of role plays, truths and fibs and icebreakers to suit it.

Life skills enable the students to weigh the pros and cons that they are likely to face in real life situations and to deal with effectively.

Adolescence Education Programme

Adolescence is the age when children go through a lot of changes. Externally, they undergo many changes in their body. Internally, there are a lot of constant hormonal processes that lead to emotional changes. This may manifest in their behaviour as irritability, anger, uncertainty, confusion and depression.

It is therefore of utmost importance to provide our adolescents a platform where they understand this phase of growing up and learn techniques to cope with it. Adolescence Education Programme (AEP) is such a platform, created with the objective of providing a smooth transition for our youth to grow up into healthy adults.

During adolescence, children are seeking their own identity. Being in touch with Life skills, which is a part of this programme, equips them with skills for life! Topics like Time Management and Goal Setting; Building Self-Esteem; Anger Management and inculcating a sense of Service, form a part of this programme. Adolescent health issues such as the process of puberty are also discussed and these aid in promoting health and hygiene during adolescence.

Students find this course interesting as the topics are dealt with in an interactive manner with activities such as Poster Making; Drawing; Colouring and Painting; Role-play and Debates; PowerPoint Presentations and Guest Lectures.

Process Writing

Writing is an art fast losing its charm in the world of internet. Rekindling the passion to write, in the students, is an exercise followed with great enthusiasm and care throughout PPS schools. The result of this exercise is a creative, well – structured piece of writing with sound vocabulary-slow, but sure!

Reading Programme

  • Read For Pleasure
  • Read For Fun
  • Read To Make Your Words Feel Right
  • Read So You Speak With All The Might

Visuals are appealing, but it is our aim to make children grab books to read in their free time. This is what our Reading Programme aims to achieve. Running from the pre-primary through grade 4, this programme creates an awareness of books among students apart from developing vocabulary and creative writing skills.

Students are exposed to a host of age appropriate books of all genres. Beginning with pre-reading activities from Kindergarten – I, students are taken through reading sessions of different levels. Each reading session is followed up with activities, creative writing or developing interactive skills.

Reading books becomes a passion indeed with the students – an important aspect in an increasingly gadget oriented world.


At PPS, Banaswadi, we have the most talented, creative and intelligent students. They are full of energy that moves in various fields in the process of their development.

Yoga is a tool that channelizes this energy and helps in the child’s positive development. Yoga imbues in children the quality of patience and working in a relaxed manner.

Yoga creates harmony in the child’s personality and aids in the development of steadiness, perseverance and determination. In today’s world even the little children are stressed.

Yoga is a beautiful tool to distress and refresh. The simple Yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation that the children learn here will build a strong foundation for positive development throughout their life.


Olympiads and other competitive examinations at school level facilitate to connect with the world beyond the school and makes the learning environment very dynamic. They expose children to different approaches to learning and thinking. These regular assessments also help in removing the fear of competitive exams in our children and make them better equipped to face their future.

Some of the advantages of taking these exams are that

  • The focus is on application of knowledge.
  • Emphasis is mainly on reasoning, thinking and interpretation of data.
  • They are standardized tests with objective, multiple choice questions.
  • Offered for several subjects like English, Math, Science and Computers.
  • These tests provide schools & parents with diagnostics and metrics on how students performed & how they can improve.